Quilts I've Made

A Quilt for Miss L

This blog post belongs to my Nine Quilts by Christmas series. Click here to see where it all began. Click the relevant number to see quilts one, two, three, four, five, or six. For quilts eight and nine, stay tuned!

DSC_0587 (2)

This quilt was gifted to the lovely Miss L. I wanted to make her something that was fun, and young, but not too girly, and not so young that it wouldn’t grow with her. The pattern is Tumble by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew, and the fabric, once again, is a bit of everything there ever was! Cotton and Steel, Moda, Cloud 9, and all sorts of other bits and pieces from my stash.

DSC_0671 (2)IMG_20171223_182939 (2)DSC_0931 (2)

Not going to lie – I really love this pattern. I’ve made it a few times, and it’s quick, simple, and effective, every time. It was kind of fun to include a nod to Miss L’s heritage in the fabrics – can you spot it?

DSC_0682 (2)The border fabrics are a navy grunge, and an Alison Glass 2017 Sunprint. This was the first time I’d ever laid eyes or hands on an AG fabric, and I was pretty stoked!!! The backing is a blue suede flannel. I think the quilting pattern is called Fruitopia.

DSC_0598 (2)

And here is Miss L with her finished quilt! Like her brother, Master N, she had the quilt on her bed the next day, and took it camping too! I loved seeing it in action so soon! And I love that kids aren’t too precious about their quilts. Sometimes it can be a bit scary letting go of that crisp and pristine quilt, but it’s so worth it to see it so thoroughly loved!

Next up is Miss E! We’re nearly on the home stretch! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll be back soon for the next installment.

Quilts I've Made

A Mammoth Effort

I was pretty quiet at the end of 2017, and while I haven’t been super consistent with this blog to date, I have been busting for the last 2 months to share this project with you! Alas, it was under wraps until its Christmas deadline.

DSC_0621 (2)

These pretties have been a roller coaster in the making, but boy, were they a satisfying finish!!! And did I get some mega hugs when they were gifted!


Not long after I first started quilting, I decided that I wanted to make a quilt for each of my nine nieces and nephews. At the rate I was making quilts at that time (about 3 a year), I didn’t think it was fair to gift them one at a time – as it could be years and YEARS between the first and last quilt being gifted. So I planned to give them all at once, with no real deadline as to when that would be.

And then, about 8 weeks ago, I had a brain wave. All nine nieces and nephews would be in one place, this Christmas. That only happens every few years. I had three quilt tops made, and I had just over six weeks to make six more quilt tops, and then quilt, bind, and label the lot. Easy, right? Hah!

Nothing for it but to dig-in and get the job done!

Challenge number one: The early quilt-tops I’d already made were only crib-sized. The eldest of my nieces and nephews was 13. Crib-sized was not going to cut it.
Solution – I made each a crib-sized centre panel, and added 3.5″ and 6.5″ borders. Hooray for borders adding quick width!

DSC_0673 (3)

Issue number two: I wanted each quilt to be unique. No two centre-panel patterns were to be repeated, and nor were the quilting patterns.
Solution: I relied on my favourite quilt pattern designers – Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter, Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew, and Emily Dennis of Quilty Love, for relatively quick and easy patterns that packed a visual punch. And then I was so thankful to Marcelle from Marcelle’s Patchwork Cottage, who has been teaching me to use her long-arm quilter. By knowing the edge-to-edge patterns available, and having access to such a beautiful machine, my dream of nine unique quilts in such an absurd timeframe became suddenly achievable.

So here they are, and I am SO excited and thankful to be on the other side of this challenge!

Quilt Merge

DSC_0630 (2)

IMG_20171223_183846 (2)

All of the quilts have flannel backings, as the kids all live in Victoria, so I wanted them to be nice and snuggly. I thought about using wool wadding for extra warmth, but I prefer the feel of cotton quilts, so I stuck with the 100% cotton.DSC_0759 (2)

I used printable fabric to make labels, and vlisofixed them onto the backings. I used a simple blanket stitch with thread that coordinated with the quilt binding to finish them off. Name removed from pic below for privacy 🙂

IMG_20171223_184540 (2)

It was the ultimate seal of approval when the kids all dragged their new quilts out on the deck as they went about their busy-ness, or snuggled up under them for the Christmas afternoon movie.

IMG_20171225_151535 (2)

IMG_20171225_155322 (2)

IMG_20171225_170605 (2)

Also, I wish all quilt recipients were as excited as a four-year old!

DSC_0366 (2)

Over then next few weeks I’ll show you more detailed shots of each individual quilt here on the blog, as well as information on the fabrics and patterns used, so stay tuned! Or subscribe for updates 🙂
You can also see more picture on my instagram using the hashtag #ninequiltsbychristmas
Can’t wait to share more!